Hello, I'm Jules Coll, I'm an artist from Ireland. I'm mostly known for being a bestselling author, TV & film 

screenwriter and documentary maker. My career has taken me on many creative journeys.

I have worked as a special fx make-up artist, costume designer and a milliner making hats.

Now I'm sharing my creativity through my works of art.


My energy healing journey started about 20 years ago when I discovered Reiki. Since then I have

gone on to become a Reiki and Seichem Master. I've been initiated into Magnified Healing, Rose of Light

and Diamond Light Energy modalities. I use these energies in my everyday life and now in my art.


I adore crystals and their incredible powers. I've collected them from all over the world and I use

them in my art to channel the diamond light energy so it radiates through my art and brings 

Mother Nature's gifts into your home environment to work their magic. 

A huge thank you for buying my art! I hope it brings you love, light and inner peace.

Love, Jules x




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