Flower Of Life Aromatherapy

Designed to make your home smell like a luxury spa at a 5 star hotel, these wax melts and room spray contain only natural, pure ingredients.


The wax is eco-soy wax and the scent is a blend of pure essential oils. There are no chemicals and no other ingredients aside from a mineral pigment natural colourant. The room spray contains floral waters, essential oils and a perfumer's base as a preservative. 

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Smells like a spa at a 5 star luxury hotel with a blend of eleven essential oils including jasmine, rose geranium, lemongrass and ylang ylang.


Smells like a beautiful rose garden on a warm summers day. A wonderfully rich, feminine fragrance of pure rose essential oil distilled from rose petals.


A variety pack of 3 wax melts including Secret Garden, Rose Garden and Peace Garden.


Designed to have an energetic and aromatic space clearing effect. This earthy scent is a blend of essential oils, herbs and spices, to relax and calm your senses and clear your environment. 


A blend of eleven different essential oils and flower waters, which have been energetically charged with rose quartz crystals, create amazing calming effects and can reduce feelings of upset and irritation which are unwelcome in the home or at work.


Ceramic wax burners in

white and grey suitable

for wax melts.

Chemical Fragrance Sensitivity:

As a person with chemical fragrance sensitivity I wanted to design an aromatherapy range is is completely pure and not made from cheap chemical fragrances that might aggravate anxiety, panic attacks, depression etc. As I mentioned on my Instagram story, if you'd like to read more about chemical fragrance sensitivity then click HERE. 

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